Partnering with Minntex to raise the money your organization needs is a simple, streamlined process.  We provide pricing information, customized sales materials, and premium products you can sell with confidence.  In addition, the full suite of features are all yours—there are no additional costs or charges to use this powerful platform.

Step #1: Choose a Season and Contact Us for Prices and Information

Our three seasons each offer a wide selection of premium products that are competitively priced and deliver directly to your organization. 

Fall Season
Price information is available in early October.  Sales can begin right away and must conclude by mid-November.  Products are delivered between Thanksgiving and Christmas, perfect for the holidays!  This season includes our most complete line of fresh fruit and "Especially for you..." options. 

Spring Season
Pricing is available mid-January, and the sale window runs into early March.  Product is delivered in March.  This season includes a full line of fresh fruit options, as well as the most popular items from our "Especially for you..." snack line. 

Summer Season
Pricing is available in May.  Sales run into June, with deliveries in July.  Our summer season features fresh, hand-picked Georgia peaches and pecans, fresh lemonade kits—perfect for summer!—and premium “Especially for You…” meat snacks.  This season is a great option for summer youth programs and athletic teams. 

Step #2: Sign Up and Request Your Sales Materials

When you receive a copy of the seasonal pricing information, it will include instructions to sign up and request sales materials.  In most cases, we can get you set up on and ship your sales forms within a couple of days.  You may begin selling as soon as you receive your materials.

Step #3: Submit Your Sale Totals on

When your sale is finished and all orders have been entered into, login to your admin portal and click “Submit Final Sale Totals”.  We will contact you to finalize and confirm your delivery date and time. 

Step #4: Unload and Distribute Your Products

Please ensure that you have enough help to unload the delivery truck when your product arrives.  Delivery truck drivers are not responsible for unloading your product.  Prompt distribution of perishable products to your customers is essential!

Step #5: Pay Promptly for a Discount

We will send you an invoice after delivery.  If you mail payment within two weeks of your delivery date, you may deduct 1% from the balance due!  Organizations that accept card payments with will receive a credit on their invoice for the amount collected.  If the amount collected is greater than your bill, we will send you a check after your delivery.


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How much money can we make?

Profit: With our “medium recommended” retail prices, your organization can estimate an average profit of $6 per item sold.*

  • If 30 salespeople each sell 10 items…300 items x $6 = $1800 profit
  • If 50 salespeople each sell 15 items…750 items x $6 = $4500 profit
  • If 100 salespeople each sell 20 items…2000 items x $6 = $12,000 profit

Costs: When you receive pricing information from Minntex, you will know what your costs will be. Sales materials, use of, and product delivery expenses are all included. There are no hidden or additional costs. 

Retail Selling Prices: We recognize that each community and fundraising situation is unique. With our customizable program, you have the freedom to determine your own retail selling prices—and therefore, your own profit margin!  We will work with you to determine what is best for your organization. 

*Note: Actual retail prices, costs and profit per item vary with the markets from season to season.  All figures shown above are estimated for illustration purposes only. Your costs (and profits) may be affected by the quantity of items ordered, and your geographic location. This will be clearly communicated in the pricing information you receive from us. Organizations in South Dakota and Kansas must add state sales tax to their costs.

Can we skip the paper forms and sell completely online?

We do not recommend this option. The paper sales forms include key instructions for your salespeople to get setup on In addition, paper forms also continue to provide the best option for selling face to face. seamlessly integrates both paper and online sales. Using both is your best option.

How long should we sell?

We recommend a sales period of 2 weeks and 3 weekends. (For example: Begin on a Friday, sell for two full weeks, then end on a Monday.) However, you may sell for a longer or shorter period if you wish.

Is there a minimum order?

Yes. Due to changing delivery costs, the minimum order can vary from year to year, but it will be clearly stated in your seasonal pricing information. (The minimum order for the fall 2020 season was 125 total units.)

Are Minntex products guaranteed?

Yes. Minntex guarantees its products against spoilage or damage at time of delivery to the Organization. Organizations are responsible to inspect the products upon arrival, and any claim of spoilage or damage must be made by the Organization within two days of delivery.

Minntex Citrus accepts no responsibility for handling or appropriate storage of its products after they have been delivered to the Organization. For this reason, consumers must direct all customer service inquiries, requests for product returns, refunds and/or exchanges to the Organization from whom they purchased their product(s). It is the responsibility of each Organization to maintain and communicate its policies regarding product guarantees, returns, refunds and exchanges.

Will we be charged transaction fees if we use

No. Use of, including the acceptance of online payments, is included free of charge when you partner with Minntex.

A new way to fundraise brings it all to the table. Offering far more than just an online sales option, this complete platform simplifies nearly every aspect of your fundraiser. Student and administrator portals provide real-time tracking of your sales, one-click automated tally, and printable reports available on demand. Your fundraising experience is now easier than ever.

Products so good, they almost sell themselves.

Minntex Citrus offers two premium lines of products. Each of our sales seasons features a unique combination of seasonally available items that maximize your sales potential.

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